Reduce, reuse, recycle for the sake of the planet!

Alessandro Bini carries out his green campaign. We are already known for the attention we pay to the environmental themes and for the conscious choices we make in terms of the selection of raw material and of manufacturing processes. Our company is constantly evolving and we are investing in research in order to offer a better quality of life to the consumers.

Since 2018 the company carries out this campaign through the trademark ABZEROWASTE. Materials that could be considered as production waste are given new value and are brought back to life. We do this through a creative process of conscious recycling that aims to bring to zero, or reduce significantly, the amount of waste that has to be disposed.

Our ABzerowaste shopping bags are made with end-of-series fabrics, fabrics with dyeing faults or fabrics that have been used to test dyes. The handles are made from passementerie scraps.