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Thanks to the know-how gained over the years and the continuous evolution of technologies provided to the textile world we are able to offer customization services including digital printing and embroidery of sponges. By simply sending a high resolution image we can print to different funds, ranging from matte velvet with flame retardant fabrics for indoor and outdoor use.


As for the custom embroidery thanks to the latest equipment we can offer a high quality service, delivering customers a produced that reflects its demands faithfully. You can choose from 44 different terry funds to match the embroidery thread available in over 2500 colors.

Our sponges are dyed with dyes, indanthrene, to be resistant to light, chlorine, Weathered, to sea water and to various atmospheric agents. At the end of the usual working procedure, the fabric is also subjected to a slow transition in "tumbler", so that is particularly vaporous and acquires a velvety smoothness.

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